• Kabul Basketball Team, Winter 2011

    In winter of 2011, the Japanese Basketball federation with the coordination of Women Empowerment through Sport Sent 600 basketballs for the Afghanistan girls basketball team. Women Empowerment Through Sport and Afghanistan National basketball federation worked together to send out these basketballs into many of the provinces so that the girls can use and play basketball.

  • Herat Basketball team + Kabul team, 2011

    The Herat girls' basketball team participated in a basketball tournament hosted in Kabul. In this tournament ten teams from several provinces of Afghanistan participated. Girls' teams during this tournament had the chance to participate in a basketball workshop coordinated by Women Empowerment Through Sport and trained by the Afghanistan basketball coaches. Girls' participation in this tournament made a great change by showing a real and positive image of each province that each team was representing.

  • Kandahar Basketball team + Kabul team

    Honestly, what a lovely team to meet and to play with. Kandahar girls' basketball team was complimented by many of the other participated teams in the basketball tournament in Kabul. 2011 was the first year that Kandahar girls' basketball team joined the Kabul basketball tournament and compete with other teams. Kandahar girls' basketball team through their courage, skills and phenomenal interest into sport and the tournament impressed everyone. The team's participation was welcomed by all and it was significantly influential.

Women Empowerment holds the first Basketball festival for girls in Afghanistan

  • Coverage Area مناطق تحت پوشش

    Women Empowerment Through Sport in Afghanistan has been able to cover seven out of thirty-six provinces of Afghanistan. In these provinces girls have been trained and equipped well with basketball in order to play basketball and train other women and girls.

  • Happiness خوشی و شادی

    Women Empowerment Through Sport is pleased to see women and girls in Afghanistan are being empowered while playing basketball and having fun. The pictures shows the excitement of Kabul girls' basketball team after a great won in one of the Kabul basketball tournaments.

The First Basketball Festival for girls in Afghanistan(اولین جشنواره بسکتبال در افغانستان)